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The laws of No Hope original document constructed in 1812 by an anonymous source.

It is said that despite their movements personal set of laws, they always obide by the notorious well known, Rules of the internet.Though along with that came their own set of laws.

The 20 Laws of No Hope

  1. No Hope represents the internet and it's collective memes. If you do not know what a meme is learn2internet . see
  2. No Hope loves women, alcohol, tits, gamers, weed, trolls & funny pictures. see
  3. No Hope will always consider the 5th comment the best one . see
  4. No Hope is now why facebook is addictive. We made facebook go from caffeine to crack cocaine. see
  5. If you share a post from No Hope on your wall you automatically win Over 9000 cool points. see
  6. No Hope has no remorse. To every 1 person who unlikes, 100 more like . see
  7. No Hope has the meaning of life hidden inside the page. If you ever report an image here you will never know what it is. Ever. see
  8. No Hope doesn't always post original pics with captions, but when we do, we have poor grammar . see
  9. No Hope is where waldo is hiding. see
  10. No Hope is not racist. We will clown on all races, creeds, colors, sexes, sexual preferences and faith. see
  11. No Hope is neither for, nor against the belief in god. We will clown anybody who believes or disbelieves in any religion or theory. see
  12. No Hope does not root for any sports or sports team. We will bash and make fun of any athlete, team or sport. see
  13. No Hope does not hold any celebrity in high regard besides Chuck Norris. All other celebrities are targets to be made fun of. see
  14. No Hope does not find anything offensive. Anything. If you are offended, please refer to the line below. see
  15. No Hope finds everything to be funny. You may only find some things funny. What offends you will make someone else laugh. What offends somebody else may make you laugh. If you do not like an image, wait. Another one will be posted soon. see
  16. No Hope does does not and will never have an opinion. Though we appreciate yours when you comment under our posts, we will not change our minds or be affected by them. see
  17. No Hope has only one rule. Never complain or cry about our content to an extreme or receive the instant BANHAMMER. see
  18. No Hope supports freedom of speech. You have a right to say whatever you want and somebody else has the right to shit on you for it. We are not referees. see
  19. The people who like our page are in fact better than the people who haven't. see
  20. No Hope has one purpose for it's existence. To make you laugh. So laugh or GTFO. see

First version ever posted to the wall

After radically modifying the original 1812 document this was posted to the wall on January 18th, 2012. No Hope has since went back to the original 1812 laws as written in the image above. 429312 281895378543208 742562545 n

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